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Robbery, March 22, 2014
Suspect 10606 : Captured
Gender: male
Build: large
Complexion: medium
Height: short
Armed Robbery - Waltham - 3/22/2014
Robbery - Case No. 140186
March 22, 2014
Waltham : Resdience
Luis Orlando Santiago
Case Details:
Victim went to purchase $100 worth of weed(marijuana) off of Suspect SANTIAGO, Luis.

Victim stated once at SANTIAGO'S house he was lead into SANTIAGO'S bedroom. While in the bedroom SANTIAGO told him to turn around and look at something behind him. Once victim turned around, SANTIAGO put a knife to his throat and told him to empty his pockets and he wanted his money.

Victim complied with SANTIAGO and dumped his money, $250 and his cellular phone on the floor. When SANTIAGO bent over to pick up the money and cellular phone, victim made a break for it.

Victim stated as he ran out of the bedroom he was stabbed by SANTIAGO several times in the back. Victim stated he made it to the stairs and then out of the house. Once outside he jumped into a vehicle and drove off. Victim was stabbed 8 times.

Waltham Police Department: (781) 314-3550 x 3557
Investigator: Det Bill MacEwen
Case Submission No.: 140186

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