How do I request a case be removed from the Web site?

Submitting detectives have control of their own cases. Any detective who wishes to have a case taken down should contact the Westwood Police Department at 781-320-1000 and ask for Public Safety Communications Manager Kamp. Anyone else who would like a case removed should request the case be taken down by an email to¬†[email protected] The email should contain the case number or enough identifiers to let us know which case the request is about, and also should have enough identifiers so we can check the status of the person in the takedown request. We will take a case down if the person has resolved the case and is not currently wanted.

Can I see pages of people who have already been identified?

Yes, click on Captures at the top of any page.

I see a photo on MassMostWanted and want to use it in my newscast or newspaper article. Do I need explicit permission?

Once the photos at Mass Most Wanted are posted, they are in the public domain. They may be used for any lawful purpose. We appreciate getting copies or notifications of any particularly interesting or new uses for the photographs.

I've been using the MassMostWanted web site since its inception. What else changed with the recent upgrade?

All cases now show a case number. This was necessitated due to the sheer volume of cases we receive. Use the case number whenever referring people to your case on the site. Case numbers from the old website are included in the imported cases, searching for an old case number should bring up the case. Bookmarked cases from the old site should be redirected to the same case in the new site.

There is now a type of crime under thefts called "Organized Retail". What does that mean?

Organized retail theft is a category we added to deal with gangs involved in high volume shoplifting and other retail fraud.