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We Depend on our submitting detectives and officers to keep us updated when they make an identification or close a case.

New cases are added at least once a day, updates and captured are updated several times a week.

Detectives should notify their call takers when making a submission, as the media does use this site as a source of information and they may call for additional information or wishing to feature a case.

We do not currently mark identifications for violent crimes, but we have a private note area for keeping track of new information for those cases. We will flag the identification of nonviolent criminals.

Please email or call Public Safety Communications Manager Brian Kamp at [email protected] or (781)320-1095. We continue to try and streamline the submission process and to make it easier for our participating detectives.

**All cases submitted must have a Law Enforcement Officer as the point of contact for the case. 

Case Submission Form

(This page is reserved for Law Enforcement Agency Use Only. All access attempts are logged.)

Submitting agencies agree to notify the web site when a suspect is identified and when a suspect is arrested. 

Case submission process:

• Scan in the photographs or other available identification information. JPG format is encouraged, as it is the most efficient way of sending photographs.

• Fill out the information form below with details of the crime.

• Attach the photo files using the file browse button.

• Submit the case using the submit button.

• We do not post composite/identikit sketches, but do post artist renditions.

• Online case submission forwards case information directly to the webmasters who maintain the site. The web site is updated each weekday. For an urgent posting, please follow up the submission with a telephone call to the Westwood Police (781)320-1000, asking the desk to notify Lieutenant Hoban or Dispatcher Kamp about the urgent case.